Codename: Hellen
Biographical information
Full name Classified
Real name Elaine Sneedronningen
Nicknames Doc, Helen
Known aliases Helen, Elaine
Born Kingdom of TechHearth
Citizenship Classified
Family Alicia (sister)
Sophie (cousin)
Elsa (daughter)
Physical description
Hair Red
Eyes Hazel
Height 174 cm
Weight 58 Kg
Career information
Occupation Special Tactics Officer, Specialized Skills Officer, Combat Rescue, Special Operations Medical Officer
Rank Flower Guard Chief Marshal (OF-9)
Affiliations Guardians of the Omniverse; (formerly) Misturlandet Phantoms (Rebellion), TechHearth Temple Guards
Loskov Rodzinny Fyrirtæki: Tónlist & Settur's Judgement and Redemption Multimedia Project information
Appearances Overleving: The Fall

Elaine (real name: Hellen (Russian: Хелен)) (unknown), was a field operative, the combat medic (and later the team leader) of the Phantoms, a military clandestine special operations group.